We Listen
You tell us your dreams and vision.  We then exchange ideas to start the process.  We take time to adequately prepare a scope of work.  A detailed cost breakdown will be presented to you to explain each step in achieving your goal. 
We Design and Plan

Now the layout is designed and approved.  Finishes can be decided for you or with you at your discretion.  Our team offers as much assistance as you need. 

Ridge prepares the drawings necessary to secure any permits required.  Then the construction begins.

We Build
Ridge crews move as quickly through the process as possible.  We manage the check points and inspections along the way.  We ask that you move your belongings to a protected place and we keep the site clean and orderly for your safety.
All we ask at the end is that you say,
"Oh it's even better than I dreamed."
Vern Robinson
Karen Close
Design Manager
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